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10 Best Cities for New Grads to Start Career

3 funny college graduate hailing a cabUnlike a few decades ago, new college graduates have better and more options to choose from in terms of Job availability, Affordability and many other criteria.

Also the unemployment rate in the US has drastically reduced that means to say that opportunities are shining bright your way.

As new grads graduate out of college they might have several questions running all around their heads. The most serious queries would definitely be:

  1. How to go about starting a career?
  2. What would be the best place to live after college?
  3. What are the best companies to start a career with?
  4. What are the factors to be considered before deciding to settle down?

The never-ending list goes on and on.

Right out of College, these are things you’re your fresh and inexperienced minds could not handle all at once.

So here are few options and suggestions to give you guys a more precise outlook on what to choose from, how to launch a career and also gives you a deep insight about the best cities to live in out of college. So here we go…

Best Cities to Live in After Graduation:

According to a recent analysis,which was conducted on 100 largest U.S. Cities, the cities were ranked based on the employment opportunities it provides, the affordability, and the best environment factor.

The Following Table shows the top 10 cities for a fresh graduate to move in after graduation:





67.1% 71.5% 31.4% $72.406
2 MADISON, WISCONSIN 52.0% 56.8% 24.9% $45,176
3 WASHINGTON D.C. 60.5% 55.0% 26.1% $62,475


47.2% 46.5% 29.1% $55,810
5 MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA 48.3% 48.1% 22.4% $46837
6 SEATTLE, WASHINGTON 55.8% 58.9% 25.2% $57185
7 PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA 44.7% 38.4% 24.7% $40357
8 AUSTIN, TEXAS 45.8% 47.6% 25.9% $50202
9 ATLANTA, GEORGIA 50.7% 48.9% 22.9% $50420


52.3% 54.2% 27.8% $68439

* Source Nerdwallet

Best cities for fresh grads:

  1. Arlington, Virginia

If you are a person who loves the company of educated people then this is the right place for you. You have awhopping 71.5% of Arlington’s 25-and-older population holding at least a bachelor’s degree, preciselymaking it the topper on the list. It also tops the number of jobs in management, business, science or arts occupations, as well as for a bigger amount of salaries. All these features attract more number of people towards this happening location and this in turn gives rise to the costly accommodation facilities. The median rent is one of the highest among the other cities in the list.

  1. Madison, Wisconsin

Madison is a place where peers will surround new grads. Madison attracts these young people with an enormous rise in high-density apartments downtown.

  1. Washington, D.C.

The nation’s capital comprises of 60.5% of the workforce finding jobs in management, business, science or the arts. According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, about one-fourth (26%) of employees work for the federal, state or local government,

  1. Boston

Boston people aged 20-29 make up 24.8% of the population. The presence of Universities in Boston, such as MIT and Harvard, has a powerful impact on the average age of the population. The local economy also sees a major growth, since the academic institutions provides lot of employment opportunities and continues as a source of talent for the city’s tech industry.

  1. Minneapolis

The major perk to choosing the Midwest over a coastal city is the affordability factor. Of the cities in our top 10, Minneapolis ranks the last in the rent category, which means that you can keep back most of your paycheck for other expenses.  Although the earnings are lower than in most other top 10 cities, lower rents tally the outcome.

  1. Seattle

Next to Arlington and Irvine, Seattle will be the most likely place where fresh grads get to meet plenty of other educated residents. Nearly 59% of Seattle’s 25-and-older age group holds at least a bachelor’s degree and Median earnings are around $57,000. This region is home to Amazon, Microsoft and smaller tech companies and could be the employment generator hub for graduates with a degree in engineering, computer science or a related field to practice.

  1. Pittsburgh

The steel city has 24% of its population made up of young adults. Pittsburgh’s population of college graduates aged from 25 to 34 has grown 29% from 2000 to 2012. Though Pittsburgh’s job market for degree holders isn’t as convincing as the others in the list, residents here have the benefit of a low cost of living. Rents can be very low and sometimes you get to save $1000 when compared to the rents in Arlington.

  1. Austin, Texas

Austin’s houses the great University of Texas and this one reason is good enough to draw a lot of young people to this city. Not only this, tremendous job opportunities draw them in, too. The Austin saw a job growth rate of 3.8% from Dec 2014 to Dec 2015, which is one of the highest among large metro areas. Also Austin maintains the unemployment rate well below the 5% national average.

  1. Atlanta

Atlanta becomes the favorite pick for graduates who look out for a lower rent and low-cost-of living. The median annual earnings for a local 25 or older with a bachelor’s degree are $50,420, and rent makes up to 22.9% of the average income. In terms of jobs, recent grads have lots of opportunities thrown in front of them, as Atlanta is house for 13 Fortune 500 headquarters, such as Home Depot, UPS, Coca-Cola and Delta Air Lines. Atlanta is known for its highest concentration of Fortune 500 companies in a city.

  1. San Francisco

San Francisco has a very low unemployment rate and College graduates working in San Francisco make decent money. The average annual earnings of citizens aged 25 and older with a bachelor’s degree stands at $68,439. However, living in San Francisco you might need to apportion ahuge amount of your paycheck towards your rent, with 27.8% of your earnings going to rent on an average.

To sum up fresh graduates while choosing a place to stay in after graduation, have to put many factors in the forefront before coming to a conclusive result. The tastes and preferences are definite to vary from one person to another. Thorough analysis and understanding the personal aspirations are much required in making an effective choice.

Major Factors affecting the Choice of The Best Cities for fresh grads:

There are various factors that give that reputed status of the Best City among new grads:


The first and most important factor for a fresh graduate who has a big load of debt to pay off is how affordable a city is to live in.

When it comes to employment, location can play a massive role when these new graduates are all set to launch a career. Since the people who are dealing with this are new grads, affordability of the location matters the most.

Despite the availability of strongest job opportunities in the recent years, the fact remains that finding a good job in a good location often lands you in a very costly area.

Here are the top 10 cities based on this Affordability factor:

Rank City
1 Minneapolis
2 Indianapolis
3 Cleveland
4 Kansas city
5 St. Louis
6 Cincinnati
7 Charlotte
8 Pittsburgh
9 Columbus
10 Houston

* Source – Trulia, LinkedIn – CNBC

These are the cities where you can kick-start your career and make a living without spending an enormous portion of your most valued paycheck on rent. This comes with an added advantage of a wide choice of entry-level jobs and lots of other college grads like you to hang out with. This makes the title of “Starter Cities” very apt for them.


According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, Employers are planning to hire 11% more college graduates from the 2016 batch than they did for the 2015 batch. This is going to be definitely a sweet news right?

This practically wipes out all fears that might arise among fresh grads in terms of them finding a suitable job. But Good Employability factor also comes with various pros & cons attached to it. Although you find a good dream job, you might end up paying a lot for accommodation, so there has to be a lot of calculations to be done. Once you decide that the Job you are going to do is going to be your ultimate priority then cost of living and other factors stands only next to it.

Here are the Top 10 cities in terms of the Employability factor:

Job Availability

Rank City
1 Pittsburgh
2 Montgomery County
3 Riverside
4 Indianapolis
5 Nashville
6 Kansas City
7 Orlando
8 Tampa
9 Warren
10 Newark

* Source – Trulia, LinkedIn – CNBC


If you were a recent college grad, then you would probably look out to move toa place where you have lots of like-minded and like aged people around you. This is just a basic psychological impulse.

But the bitter fact is that the cities that attract young arrivals often don’t fulfill the dreams of a best career and housing choices. Basically when more and more of grads flock to a certain place, it will definitely lead to increase in accommodation rates and also the job opportunities available will become scarce. Simple Demand and Supply Formula.

So here are the top 10 list of cities in terms of fresh grads:

College Grads

Rank City
1 San Francisco
2 Boston
3 Austin
4 Washington
5 New York
6 San Jose
7 Atlanta
8 Chicago
9 Philadelphia
10 Minneapolis

* Source – Trulia, LinkedIn CNBC

What Are The Best Companies To Start A Career?

3 Black Female College GraduateEvery Fresh Graduate will definitely have dream job or a dream company that they have dreamt of all these years. There are companies that are really exciting to launch a career. When it comes to starting a career, lot of factors have to be considered apart from just chasing your dreams.

A Company committed to their growth strategies is good. But what’s even more better is when companies believe and work towards their employees’ individual growth along with theirs. This will create a win-win situation to both the companies and the employees.

Whether you are a fresh grad looking for a first job to kick-start your career or someone who always wants to keep reaching for the sky, below are few companies that will make your dreams turn into reality. These companies offer personal training programs, positions which has potential growth opportunities, and other development opportunities that helps to bring out the real professional in you.

1. Networked Insights

They are a Marketing analytics company with its headquarters at Chicago, NY City and Madison, WI. It is an employee-oriented company that strives towards success with a strong passion and an even stronger belief that they are going to re-write the marketing trend.

As a Fresh Grad you can look out for various entry-level positions in almost all the fields in the company and it is sure to bring out the best out of you.

2. Bridgespan

The Bridgespan Group is known to be a nonprofit organization and a strategy-consulting firm that works in Boston, NYC and San Francisco, with its headquarters at Mumbai- India. They operate hand-in-hand with leaders of the social sectors.  Their main mission is to address the various challenges posed in our society and deriving best possible solutions for the issues faced.

This is the best company to join for people having real interest and a strong sense of social responsibility. Here they work for a good change and you will be certainly be proud of the changes that you have instigated within you and around you.

3. Bozzuto

Bozzuto is a real estate & property development company, working in major metros and helping many people realize their dreams of a best living. They are a passionate about their work and have been successful in building and managing many buildings, which stand high as a proof of their success story.

This being a real estate and property development field, new grads will definitely have lots of opportunities to start their career and to excel in this field.

4. Eventbrite

Everbrite is a global online ticketing platform. Be it any great event that is going to happen in almost any part of the world, Everbrite is Eveready to take charge of it and bring out a Live Experience. It is the ultimate destination for all those want to create or attend an event.

The Main advantage of working with Everbrite is that you get to handle a lot of things individually, thereby updating and upgrading your personal abilities as well as accomplish your targets.

5. General Assembly

General Assembly is said to be the inventor in the field of education and career makeover. It specializes in most of the fields and continues to be the prominent source for training, staffing, and career transitions.

It is a company, which gives lots of opportunities to its employee, which makes them glued to the organization. If you are a person with a passion for teaching and learning as well, then this is undoubtedly the right place for you.

The search for a promising career is never-ending and sky is the limit. The list of opportunities available around you is vast and it is up to you to choose a more rewarding and more promising career suitable for you. More importantly never ever stop chasing your dreams.

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