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The Scholarships and Grants For Women | Guide for 2016

2 mother with a babyIntroduction

Women empowerment is one of the key focus areas of any developed society.

Women education is the key driving factor for overall development of the women.

There are several Scholarships and Grants provisioned by the federal government, non-profit organizations, universities and professional bodies to enable and empower women from all walks of life to take up higher education.

Scholarships and Grants not only encourage women but also signify the importance of women and their valuable contribution towards the development of a healthy society and to foster the economy.

The sponsoring organizations and professional bodies play a significant role in women empowerment and help them to cross the barriers and emerge as top notch professionals.

This article briefly talks about various types of Scholarships and Grants that are being offered currently by various organizations and how women can avail those opportunities to pursue their dreams in their chosen fields.


What are the Scholarships available for working mothers?


  • Mothers off Duty (M.O.D.): This was a nonprofit organization founded on the principle that the duties of the motherhood can extend beyond their family. They promote continued education among mothers through mentoring, scholarships.


  • Linda Lael Miller Scholarships for Women: Women, above the age of 25 years, are given these scholarships, as also non-traditional students who have a difficult time finding scholarships for which they qualify.


  • Soroptimist International of Washington, DC – Women’s Opportunity Award: This is a cash award of $2,000 aimed at encouraging women who want to make a positive impact to the society through higher education leading to social and economic empowerment. 


What are the Grants and Scholarships that single mothers can avail?

Single Mothers have number of different grants available depending upon the eligibility requirements, financial and personal circumstances. The funding amount varies based on the eligibility criteria and the source of the grant. Some grants offer as little as $100 while other grants offer discounts in tuition fees and some cover the full tuition fees.


2 family photoHere are types of grants that single mothers can avail.


  • Education Support Award: This is an award up to $3,000 by the Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Foundation to encourage low income single mothers who want to pursue skill training, vocational course, higher education, bachelor’s or doctorial or master’s degree.


  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant: This federal award is in the range of $100 to $4,000 a year for low-income undergraduate students with exceptional need for financial assistance to pursue their education further.


  • Federal Pell Grant Program: The grant amount can be as high as $5,500 depending upon the financial situation of the low-income under graduate and certainpost baccalaureate students.


  • Cal Grant Program: This is a state driven program by California State to offer financial assistance to low-income and disadvantaged students. The award amount can go up to $12,192 payable at any qualifying California college/university/school.


  • Women’s Opportunity Award:  The primary purpose of this award is to improve the employment prospects of the single women who are the prime bread winners of the family. The award amount of $2,000 given to pursue undergraduate or vocational programs that can enhance employment opportunities for such women.

What are the scholarships and grants for Hispanic women?

There are several Programs and Associations that offer scholarships and Grants for Hispanic women by making it easier for them to attend the schools and colleges to fulfill their dreams. The table below summarizes some of these programs that Hispanic women can avail.

No. Scholarship Program Brief description
1.      Lubbock Hispanic Association of Women


This award is offered to 20 Latina women students up to $1,000 each.
2.      Sallie Mae First in My Family Scholarship Program


The award is in the range of $500 to $5000 for the first person in the family going in for associate or bachelor’s degree.
3.      Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, Inc. To encourage Latino students to take up graduation courses.
4.      Scholarship for Haitian Americans To support  Haitian Americans to pursue higher education.
5.      Adelante Fund Scholarships To offer financial assistance for eligible candidates to further develop their leadership skills.
6.      McDonald’s Hispanic American Commitment to Education Resources (HACER) Program



Eligible Hispanic students from Southern California regions can avail the financial assistance based on the eligibility criteria. Both these programs help those eligible students to overcome any financial obstacles in pursuit of higher education.

7.      Spanish American Institute (SAI) Scholarship


8.      100 Hispanic Women’s Young Latinas Leadership Institute (YLLI)


YLLI institute promotes Latina women in NYC and nearby regions towards excel in higher education through their scholarship program.
9.      LULAC National Education Services Centers To provide educational opportunities for the eligible and deserving Latino students across the nation.
10.  Haz La U Dedicated for Hispanic community of students, these are 15 scholarship awards. The top performer gets $15,000 and the remaining 14 gets $2,500 each one-time scholarship.
11.  TELACU Scholarship Program Dedicated to first generation students from low-income family background in NewYork, California,Texas and Illinois areas, this award is given to 500 students every year.
12.  Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Scholarships (SHPE) This is a program dedicated to encourage Hispanic students who wants to pursue degree in Mathematics, Science and Technology areas.
13.  Manuel Candamo Memorial Scholarship Program Students from Puerto Rico can avail this opportunity based on the eligibility criteria.
14.  Chicana/Latina Foundation (Northern California) Chicana/Latina women students living in Northern California can avail this scholarship program based on the eligibility criteria. This program covers 30 eligible students by awarding $1,500.
15.  Hispanic Heritage Foundation Hispanic women aspiring for undergraduate or graduate courses can avail this opportunity. This foundation offers different scholarship programs at various time intervals in a year.
16.  Lambda Theta Nu Sorority Latina Yearly sponsorship program for eligible Hispanic women students to enroll for college education immediately after the high school studies.
17.  Latina Leadership Network of the California Community Colleges This program offers $500 up to ten eligible Latina students if they get enrolled in California community colleges.
18.  Minority Undergraduate Physics Majors To encourage Hispanic minority women students with excellent track record of scholastic achievement and high scores in SAT or ACT can get benefited through this scholarship program. The award amount ranges from $2,000 to $3,000 every year.

 What is Center for Women in Technology (CWIT) Scholar program? 

  • This is a special scholarship program designed by University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) for talented women to increase the representation of women in the areas of Technology, engineering and IT. The selected scholars under this program will receive grant amount to cover the mandatory tuition fees and other expenses. The grant amount varies for the in-state and out of state students. 

What is ESA Foundation Scholarship Program? 

  • This program was established in 2007 to assist those selected women and minority students who are pursuing their degree studies in the fields of Computers and Videogame arts. Up to 30 scholarships of $3,000 each are being awarded annually to encourage minority women students to increase their representation in this specific field. 

What is the Podium Sport Scholarship Award? 

  • This scholarship award was institutionalized by Brunel University to support sports women to pursue their higher education in athletic related areas such as Rowing, Rugby, and Weightlifting etc. The scholarship includes cash award and other freebies to make it easy for sports women to pursue their athletic opportunities. 

What is Jeannette Rankin Fund? 

  • Jeannette Rankin Foundation (JRF) was established in the name of Jeannette Rankin who was an advocator of women’s rights and also the first woman elected to the United States Congress.The Mission of JRF scholarship is to support woman from low income background and are 35 or older in age who wants to build better lives through college education. This scholarship award to the eligible woman without having any bias towards the race or religion or skin color or marital status or disability.

What is National Foundation for Women Legislators (NFWL)? 

  • The American woman is the largest rising force in American politics today. Women hold up to 24% of the nationwide seats which includes U S Senate, US House representatives; statewide elected offices and state governorships.Women chair various committees and influence policy and decision making. NFWL is a foundation established specifically for Woman legislators to empower them as effective and strong state legislators by providing guidance in strategic affairs and support through information and experience sharing. NFWL is a tax exempted foundation under section (501) © (3) headquartered in Washington D.C, USA.

How NFWL helps Women Legislators? 

  • NFWL conducts nationwide annual confluences and collaborative forums among the elected women legislators, top leaders from the Industry and experts on various issues under one roof. NFWL offers scholarship awards to the elected women to participate in these annual conferences.
  • These conferences serve as a positive and safe environment for sharing and learning, great platform for discussing and debating on policies, new initiatives, workshops and roundtable meetings and panel discussions.
  • The key goal of NFWL is to boost the awareness, knowledge and innovative ideas amongst the elected women who will be leading the policy resolutions and drive key legislations in their respective elected states.

2 ESA Foundation Computer and Video Game ScholarshipWhat is Society of Women Engineers (SWE)? 

  • SWE as the name implies is a nonprofit organization to encourage and empower women to pursue their education in the field of engineering and computer science. This organization provides centralized information for women in the field of engineering and spread awareness on the achievements by women engineers.
  • The mission is to empower women to take up higher education in the field of engineering and emerge as successful leaders and celebrate their success and showcase them as role models to encourage other women.
  • SWE offers financial assistance for eligible women through scholarship awards. The Applications for 2016-17 academic year will open on 1st More information on eligibility and application procedure is available on SWE website.
  • SWE membership is required to be eligible for the scholarship programs though non-members can also avail few of such programs.

What is Women in Aviation International (WAI) organization? 

  • WAI is a professional non-profit organization setup to boost the representation of women in aviation industry which is currently only at 6% of the aviation careers. The means to achieve this objective is by creating opportunities for networking, collaboration programs, mentoring and coaching and scholarship awards for WAI members.
  • WAI has offered $10 million worth of scholarships in the past 20 years to encourage their members to advance their career in the field of aviation.WAI organizes annual International Women in Aviation Conference every year where these awards are presented to the selected members.
  • The next conference is going to be held at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort in March 2-4, 2017 in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. The due date for submission of application for scholarship award is 14th November 2016. WAI are going to offer more than 95 scholarship awards in March 2017 of value $500,000. 

What is the Women’s Transportation Seminar (WTS)? 

  • WTS is a professional organization for professionals in transportation industry who are committed to achieve excellence in this industry. WTS has special scholarship awards for women to encourage their presence in the transportation industry.
  • WTS organizes Industry confluences for transportation industry professionals for effective collaboration, sharing experiences and discussing about innovative ideas and encourage young women and professionals to advance their study and contribution towards transportation industry.
  • The WTS Orange County scholarship award is centered on women to recognize and encourage their significant contribution towards the transportation industry. Women who are pursuing college education, under graduate and graduate education and making specific contributions to the transportation industry are eligible for these scholarship awards.
  • The graduate scholarship awards by WTS Orange County will be presented this year on 8th Dec 2016 and the top winners of this award are eligible to compete nationally at the WTS national conference to be held in 2017.


It is impossible to ignore the various measures in place to ensure that women have access to education and all the benefits that it brings. If you are getting ready to send in your application soon, then do your research on the grants and scholarships available and apply immediately if you meet the eligibility criteria.

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