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Scholarship Opportunities to Choose for Abroad Students

4 national overseas scholarship for students with disabilitiesStudents wish to study abroad for reasons more than one.

The experience of a new country can be exciting for some.

The scope to learn a new language and culture could interest some.

It could even be the independence that living in a foreign place gives you. You never know, it could change your life forever.

When you decide to study abroad, the one thing that presents itself as a hurdle would be the cost factor.

This is where a scholarship program can come in handy.

When you are awarded a scholarship it not only takes care of your tuition expenses but in many cases it can also cover a host of other allied expenses. Unlike a financial aid, scholarships award money that is free and does not require to be repaid.

Who offers an abroad scholarship?

An abroad scholarship can be offered by a college or university, to students applying to their courses. The deciding factor is not always merit-based and could also take need into account. They are also offered by a Government usually in the form of grants. These scholarships are also offered privately by many organizations, exchange programs and foundations.

What is the difference between a scholarship and a grant?

The terms scholarship and grant are interchangeably used. However, there are some basic differences between them. A scholarship is awarded to students based on merit to help them pursue their studies while a grant refers to the funds usually offered by a government body or a foundation to other bodies such as colleges, universities and to individuals.

What are the different types of study abroad scholarships & grants?

The various scholarship programs offered to students can be broadly classified into the following types

  1. Merit-based

These are awarded based on academic, artistic, or athletic excellence

  1. Need-based

These are offered based on the financial situation of the student’s parents. Though academics can be taken into account here, it is not the deciding factor.

  1. Student-specific

These are awarded based on factors such as gender, religion, race or a disability

  1. Program-specific

These are usually offered by universities to students who apply for their specific courses

  1. Subject-specific

Various study abroad programs also offer scholarships to students based on a particular subject chosen often to promote research in those areas of study

Steps on how to get scholarship to study abroad

The most crucial part of applying for a college abroad scholarship is to start early. The admissions to colleges and universities start well ahead of the beginning of the semester. If you do a quick search on the internet, you will be overwhelmed to see the number of different scholarships available.  You will need to do your bit of research to find the ones that fit your requirement.

You can narrow your search by first deciding on the country or the destination. Once you do this, you can then narrow it further based on the subject or other student specific factors. Different scholarship programs will have their own application procedure, but the basic steps can be described as below

  1. Choose the country you would like to study in
  2. Select the universities and the course you are interested in
  3. Obtain application forms from universities
  4. Take up the required examination for both the admission into the course and for the scholarship if mandatory
  5. Write essays and prepare effective recommendation letters
  6. Send the entire application package with all supporting documents
  7. Report your scores to the universities 

What are the various scholarships for medical students abroad?

With advancements in the medical field, there is also a pressing need for producing quality medical professionals. When it comes to applying for a medical course, it goes without saying that the cost of the course is going to be very high. Add to that fact that the course of your choice is only available abroad. Hence, many universities and Governments offer scholarships to aid students pursue their education abroad in the medical field.

There are a host of scholarships that are available for medical students around the world who wish to study abroad. Few of the top programs have been listed below for ready reference

S.No Name of the Program Details
1 The Glenmore Medical Postgraduate Scholarship at the University of Edinburgh Offered by the University of Edinburgh for international students
2 Netherlands Fellowship Program Funded by the government for medical courses
3 King’s College London Social Science, Health and Medicine Bursary For an undergraduate medical course which is open to all international students
4 AMC Amsterdam Merit Scholarships Offered by the University of Amsterdam for Master level medical courses
5 ASME Grants and Fellowships Offers various scholarships for courses both in the US and abroad

4 Abroad Scholarships and GrantsHow to study abroad with the American Institute For Foreign Study (AIFS)?

The AIFS is a 50 year old cultural exchange organization that provides scholarships to students who wish to study abroad. With its presence in all the continents of the world and the major countries, it has helped over 1.5 million students.

Benefits of a scholarship program with AIFS

  • You will get your scholarship fee as dollars
  • Your scholarship fee includes your tuition fee, books as well as stay
  • Choose from courses in English and other foreign languages
  • Inclusion of round trip airfare
  • Social and cultural activities
  • Assistance through their support services like academic advice, visa application, financial aid transfer etc.
  • Guidance in academics, health and any other aspects while living and studying abroad 

What is the Fulbright program?

The Fullbright Program is a popular and prestigious exchange program by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, United States. Through this program students in the US can benefit from scholarships to study in other countries. Students from other countries who wish to study in the US are also eligible for the scholarship under this program. Apart from students, it also caters to teachers and professionals around the world. The following are the two Fullbright scholarships available to students

  1. Fullbright U.S Student program – This is applicable to graduating seniors, undergrads, masters and doctoral US students
  2. Fullbright Foreign Student program – Students abroad who which to study in the United States can benefit from this program. The selection criteria and eligibility various with each country and can be found on the Fullbright website. More than 40 foreign students benefit through the Fullbright scholarship every year.

How can you benefit from the AATJ?

The American Association of Teachers of Japanese (AATJ) is an organization which comprises of Japanese students, teachers, scholars and linguists. The association works to promote the Japanese language and Japan’s culture. They offer a scholarship under the name, the Bridging Project which is aimed at undergraduate American students who wish to study abroad in Japan. More than 1200 students have benefitted since its inception in 1999.

If you have always wanted to study in Japan and experience its culture then this program might be a good choice for you. The features of the Bridging Scholarship program are as listed below

  • 100 scholarships awarded each year
  • Only US undergrads are eligible
  • Students with any major can apply
  • Study of the Japanese language is not mandatory
  • Minimum period of study in Japan should either be a semester or three months
  • Includes airfare and accommodation costs
  • Summer programs are not sponsored

Is there a national overseas scholarship for students with disabilities?

Higher education, especially when you want to study abroad can be really expensive. So, it is only natural that many students with disabilities are reluctant to try studying abroad as there will be additional costs owing to their disability. But to take care of this problems and help those people to explore other cultures many foundations offer scholarships programs specifically designed for students with disabilities. Here are some programs to get you started.

  1. Access the world scholarships for US students by the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE)
  2. IES abroad, formerly known as The institute of European studies offers disability grants
  3. The Michigan State University’s Resource Centre for Persons with Disabilities offers a scholarship program for students with disabilities

The application will require relevant documents to prove the disability and state its nature. Such programs not only help the disabled to pursue their high studies in another country it also helps them acquire skills which can be really useful their profession in future.

How to get scholarship to study abroad for Indian students?

4 scholarships for medical students abroadThe recent couple of decades have witnessed a large number of Indian students exploring the option of pursuing their studies abroad. As a result of this many Universities, Governments and organizations offer scholarship programs to help students meet the financial requirements of the courses they choose to study. These student-specific programs are spread across many countries of the world so that finding one in the country of your choice won’t be difficult.

While looking for scholarships abroad, it is always advisable to look for any limits. Programs that take care of all expenses should be preferred over limited aid as any additional cost can work out to be quite expensive. The following list shows few out of a hundred scholarships available to Indian students.

  1. Fullbright Nehru Research Fellowship – This merit-based fellowship is for Indian students with outstanding academic excellence. You can apply to study at any level in an institution as long it is US accredited.
  2. Chicago Booth School of Business – All Indian MBA aspirants can apply for this scholarship
  3. S.N. Bose Scholars Student Exchange Program for Indian Students – This scholarship caters to students in the field of Science and technology for Master’s level and above.
  4. British Council GREAT scholarships for Indian Students – The scholarship is offered by the British Council to Indian students who wish to study in the UK
  5. Oxford and Cambridge Society of India (OCSI) Scholarships – This scholarship is applicable to study any level at either the Oxford or the Cambridge university
  6. Dr. Ursula Glunk Scholarship for Master Students at Maastricht University – This is offered by the Maastricht University located in Netherlands for Indian students opting for master’s courses in media culture
  7. Global Leaders Scholarships for Indian Students – Students who wish to study in Australia can benefit from these set of 10 scholarships for courses in business. These are offered only at the postgraduate level
  8. University of Adelaide Ashok Khurana Scholarship for Indian Students – This is for Indian students opting to take up post graduate courses in the University
  9. Silk-Road Scholarship Program at Seoul National University – If you want to study humanities or social sciences in Korea, then this scholarship is open at the graduate level

What is the Caribbean-Pacific Island Mobility Scheme (CARPIMS)?

The Caribbean-Pacific Island Mobility Scheme was established to facilitate the movement of students, staff and research scholars between the Caribbean and Pacific Island regions. Under this umbrella a number of scholarships are available for the students belonging to either region. There are listed below

  1. The Intra ACP program

This promotes high education in the ACP region thereby creating quality trained individuals

  1. Intra-ACP CARPIMS

This program facilitates exchange of post graduates, research fellows and teachers between the Caribbean and the pacific regions
These programs are strictly only for nationals of the region and not open to international students. The scheme also allows non-resident nationals to apply through a Diaspora application.


With the large number of scholarships available, it is wiser to start your search with your country of interest and field of study. This way you won’t feel overwhelmed or waste precious time. Don’t spend your time checking every other scholarship that is out there. A good number to finalize would be anywhere from 5 to 10 and put in the right amount of effort. This way you can increase the number of applications that get selected.

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